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Run your bonus & merit cycle with a breeze

Effortlessly create and execute flexible reward cycles monthly, quarterly, or annually, tailored to your organization's unique needs and preferences. Engage your entire organization with a single software platform for sharing and managing data, promoting an employee-centric workplace.

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Performance management cycle

Youbo in the performance
management cycle

Once the performance scores are finalized, you can begin your reward process in Youbo, which is tailor-made to fit your internal wage policy. Monitor budgets, involve the entire organization, and grant raises, bonuses, and promotions based on the wage proposal generated by Youbo. After receiving the final approvals, the new salary packages are uploaded to your core HR and performance systems.

A digital game-changer for your employee reward process

However, what’s in it for your profile?

Human Resources

Distribute the workload, accelerate the lead time

Ease the workload in your HR department by involving line management. Facilitate smooth collaboration between HR, teamleads, and senior leadership through one integrated platform. This allows for continuous visibility, decentralized bonus and merit allocation, as well as centralized calibration and final approval.


Mandatory ESG reporting

By 2025, the first ESG reports must be submitted. The so-called movement for salary transparency carries the risk that you may be called upon in the short term to justify and document how salary scales and wages have been determined and applied. Stay ahead of this growing transparency trend with Youbo.


Equal pay equal work

Compare current and historical salary packages for your employees, and see how they stack up against their team, department, or colleagues in similar positions. Continuous visibility into manual and discretionary adjustments helps you maintain a fair and transparent wage policy.


Your wage policy, our digital customization

Outline your wage policy and we'll handle the customization on our platform. Start the cycle with salary proposals based on your internal rules for granting raises, promotions, or bonuses. Keep track of manual changes, discretionary allocations, and their budgetary impact with ease.


Employee experience

Digitize your reward cycle to enhance the quality of the process. Eliminate manual errors associated with managing endless spreadsheets. Support your leadership team from the beginning of the cycle to the point of sharing results with the employees involved. Each significant employee experience plays a role in shaping an organization's culture, branding, and performance.


Efficient and error-proof

Avoid manual errors during the decentralization and consolidation of information in extensive spreadsheets. Stay continuously updated on teams progress and the status of used budgets.



Effortless budget management

Set a budget for promotions, indexations, bonuses, and more. Keep a constant overview of budgets and make necessary adjustments as needed.

Budget management

Financial reporting

Ensure that approved, merit-based decisions align with the organizational budget. Process and follow up on required payments. Use the data stored in Youbo to generate financial reports, helping you assess the financial impact and effectiveness of the reward cycle.

Budget reporting


Open and modern software platform

Integrate the Youbo platform seamlessly into your existing digital HR infrastructure to establish links with your core HR, payroll, and performance management systems.


ISO certified and GDPR compliant

Our ISO-27001 certification ensures compliance with international quality and security standards, offering you a reliable and efficient solution for data storage and employee promotions.

ISO-27001 & GDPR


Safeguard your employees' personal and payroll information by creating multiple levels of secure and restricted access. Manage all data within a single software platform, where every access point and change is logged.



Self-steering and self-organizing

Design your team's approval process according to your standard workflow. Manage your budget effectively while keeping an overview that allows for adjustments and final approvals. Create personalized invitations to invite your team members to internal evaluation meetings, and leverage the platform's suggested metrics during these discussions.

Department structure

Communication is key

Digitize your reward cycle to enhance its efficiency and quality. Utilize the data displayed on Youbo's employee screen as a digital guide during your one-on-one evaluation meetings.


Senior leadership

Self-steering and self-organizing

Design the approval process to align with your team's usual workflow. Manage your team's budget while maintaining a comprehensive overview, complete with options for calibration and final approval. Create personalized communications to invite your employees to internal evaluation meetings, and make use of the platform's suggested outcomes during these discussions.

Department structure

Digital upgrade

Boost productivity and data quality by adopting a digital process. Accelerate turnaround times, cut costs, and maintain greater control through ongoing visibility into both the process and its outcomes.


Employer branding

Increase employee satisfaction by integrating digital HR processes. Position your organization as innovative and employee-centric.


Effortless budget management

Define a budget for promotions, indexations, bonuses, and more. Additionally, maintain continuous insight into the ongoing distribution of these budgets.

Budget management


Employee experience

Optimize the employee experience through digitalization. Transform the reward process digitally to enable employees to track their personal growth over time, providing a complete overview and historical insights into their compensation package. Strengthen engagement and motivate your employees to invest continuously in both their own development and in the success of your organization.

Employee experience
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SD Worx accelerates the compensation process from 2 months to just 3 weeks thanks to Youbo.

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